Rental Guide

 Artes de la Rosa is Fort Worth’s non-profit Latino arts organization, dedicated to preserving, promoting and interpreting the art, culture, lives and history of the Latino community.
Housed in the historic Rose Marine Theater with the adjacent Art Gallery, we host a wide range of events for public and private use. From music concerts, dance and theatrical productions, parties and receptions – the Rose Marine Theater and Gallery can do it all!


The Rose Marine Theater is ideal for a variety of productions, performances and events such as weddings, talent shows, music and voice recitals, dance concerts, theatrical productions, corporate meetings and many more! The theater is equipped with dressing room and green room space, a full box office, lobby space as well as a loading dock with direct access to the stage.

movie theater
Art Gallery

Constructed in 2005, the Art Gallery space at Rose Marine Theater is wide open with a very modern feel. The space can be adapted for a wide variety of events. It’s a wonderful place for parties, receptions, meetings and book signings. Have your group event in the Gallery space surrounded by beautiful local art provided by Artes de la Rosa. DJs and caterers are welcome!



$100/hr  or $225/hr – Gallery & Theater Combo

  • Set up hours charged at same rate.
  • 1 hour is provided free of charge at the end of every rental as “load out” time.


$900  or $2150- Gallery & Theater Combo

  • Daily rates include a 10hr. block of time. Set up hours are included in the 10hr. block. Must be consecutive hours.

Additional rental Information


Capacity – 252 seats
Light and Sound technical assistance is available from Artes de la Rosa’s resident Light and Sound Technician at a rate of $180 per day, per event. Only the resident Light and Sound technician from Artes de la Rosa may rearrange lighting equipment onstage for the event. Renter does not have access to lighting equipment. Renter is allowed to contract a light and sound operator to operate lights and sound at the control booth of the theater.

  • If you should choose to purchase the services of ADLR’s resident Light and Sound Technician then the technician will set up all audio and lighting equipment before hand to your preferences, as well as operate lights and sound at the control booth during your event.
  •  Light and sound consultation meetings with the Light and Sound Technician are charged at $50/hr.

Microphones – ADLR will provide up to 3 corded, handheld microphones and mic stands for your event. Renter may provide additional microphones if needed (must be XLR compatible). Renter may also provide cordless/lapel mics if required for event.

Box Office – Renter must provide Box Office staff. It is the policy of Artes de la Rosa to not handle Box Office monies.
– Your box office staff may have access to a Credit Card Terminal to process ticket sales for a fee of $30 per day.

Amenities: LCD projector, full size theater screen, access to light and sound system, access to Box Office, access to Annex Gallery, Men’s and Women’s dressing rooms (backstage), 2 single-occupancy restrooms (backstage)

Art Gallery Rentals

Capacity – Approx. 200 for stand-up style event (mixer, reception, etc.) & approx. 100 for seated event (banquet)

Amenities: Bar for drink service, use of 5 cocktail tables


Amenities: Use of 50 multi-color chairs, use of up to 6 5-foot folding tables.

Marketing/Promotion – Renter is responsible for press releases and all marketing and promotion for rental events.

Hours available for rentals – All rentals must take place between the hours of 8am and 11pm.

Minimum rental – There is a 3hr. minimum requirement for all rentals

Load-out time – ADLR will provide 1 hour free of charge at the end of all rentals as “load-out” time. For example, if your rental ends at 11pm then your departure time is 12am midnight.

Rental Coordinator – The rental coordinator will be on hand at every rental and is responsible for opening and closing the facility.

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